We specialise in the development of assessment tools and software for Health & Social care

FACE Recording & Measurement Systems Limited is based in Nottingham. We have worked in the health and social care sectors for over 20 years, developing solutions that meet the collective needs of practitioners, patients/service users and their carers, managers, policymakers and researchers.

Our Core Values

The company’s focus is on information about people. We believe that personal information should be collected and presented in a simple, clear and elegant manner that respects both the individuality of the person or people to whom it relates, and the competencies of those whose task it is to record and review it. We pride ourselves on our close working relationship with our users and welcome your enquiries or feedback about any aspect of our work.

FACE stands for ‘Functional Analysis of Care Environments’, reflecting the company’s origin in work we undertook in the late 80s and early 90s on how to measure and improve quality of care in both community and hospital environments. Whilst the scope of our work has moved on since then, the name has stuck and we remain as committed to producing tools that facilitate the provision of high quality care and support as we were in those early days.