Partnership Working

FACE products are all about partnerships: partnerships between practitioners, service users and their families and carers; partnerships between different professionals working to provide the best quality of support and care; and partnerships between agencies working to support people with complex needs.

Working with customers

Every FACE user is a partner. New products are co-produced with our customers and their input provides the basis for new developments. Our network of user groups ensure that FACE is a living system that is responsive to the evolving needs of health and social care.

We also have regular contact with service users and carers and welcome their views on how FACE tools can be shaped to best meet their needs. We are committed to a continuous cycle of development, consultation and feedback and do not release a new product until there is agreement that it meets the highest standards.

Working with suppliers

We work closely and impartially with suppliers wishing to support the use of FACE products, such as FACE assessment tools, the FACE resource allocation system and the FACE outcomes software. We work flexibly with suppliers to ensure that our relationships are mutually beneficial and that their FACE implementations are of high quality and add real value to their own products.

Central to our approach is our maintenance of open, common data standards for data capture, data exchange and outcomes reporting. This ensures that all FACE users share a common approach and that FACE data can be freely exchanged and collated across different geographical locations, agencies and electronic systems.

Working with academic institutions

We also collaborate with academic institutions to ensure that our products are well-researched and reflect the latest scientific thinking. Where appropriate we also fund research posts and support customers who have academic or research interests that they wish to pursue using FACE tools.

Working with policymakers

We maintain close links with policymakers and influential organisations throughout the UK and work to ensure that all our products meet emerging policy requirements.