Senior Personnel

Paul Clifford, CEO

Paul is a clinical psychologist with a background in research, coding and classification, and mathematical logic. He has run national research and development programmes for over 25 years and was the first director of the British Psychological Society’s Centre for Outcomes, Research and Effectiveness. He is best known for his work on outcomes measurement, needs assessment and resource allocation.

Hugh Reynolds, Director of Business Development

Hugh has a background in the management and provision of services to people with significant support needs, particularly people with a learning disability. He was responsible for developing the supported living model in Nottinghamshire, which included services for all care groups. Hugh is responsible for business development and sales and marketing within the company.

Rory Bhandari, Director

Rory is an information systems architect, with a background in industrial design, digital electronics, knowledge systems and technology marketing. As a design consultant and university teacher, he was invited to join PERA where he prototyped the world’s first touch computer for Filofax PLC, sourcing and developing knowhow from the USA, Japan, and the UK. He then co-founded a company to produce field systems for utilities companies and the nuclear industry. This was taken over by Three X Communications Ltd, where Rory established a mobile solutions division, now their sole activity. He was then invited to co-found FACE with Paul Clifford by The Menninger Foundation in the USA.