Used every day by tens of thousands of Health & Social care practitioners

Care Partner

The FACE clinical software supports all the key clinical management functions of health and social care services.

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Assessment tools

The product of 20 years' development

High quality assessment is the cornerstone of good practice. FACE assessment tools are nationally-accredited by the Department of Health and used throughout the UK and Ireland by NHS, social care and independent sector organisations.

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For use across adult social care, children’s services and continuing health care

Since 2008, FACE has worked with more than 30 councils to develop a sustainable, universal approach to resource allocation that is both scientifically validated and flexible in local implementation. Councils using the FACE RAS to determine indicative personal budgets for local service users cover over 20% of England's population - making FACE the largest national provider of Resource Allocation System for Adult Social Care.

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Atmolytics allows you to explore your data in a simple, intuitive way and to arrive at insights that help improve quality of care. You'll do things with data in a few minutes that were never previously possible - even using the most advanced tools available.

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