Care Partner

Dedicated to the easy collection of person-centred information

Assessment, Care Planning
and much more

Care Partner is a functionally rich clinical workstation tracking all aspects of the patient journey, including care planning, incident recording, admission and discharge, assessment, and much more. The recording of everyday interactions with service users combines with outcomes reporting to produce both an evidence-based record and powerful management reporting.

Intuitive and so easy to use

There’s no new language to learn because all the terms you use routinely are completely configurable in Care Partner.

So whether you call the people you work with service users, residents, patients or something else, the system will call them that too. We understand your time is precious so we’ve made it easy for you to get to the information you need quickly.

Simple, straight forward setup

With Care Partner you don’t need to spend thousands on getting hardware in place that you need for many systems. We can host your system for you meaning you just have to log into the unique, secure website address we give you.

Once your service is set up, we maintain the system and keep you running. As long as you have an internet connection and a PC, laptop or iPad, you’ll be able to use Care Partner whenever you need to, from wherever you choose.